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Hello. I recently purchased a Reach RS2 which has lora radio capabilities. This Reach RS2 also has a ZED-F9P and will be outputting correction data at 915MHZ. I have a RFM69HCW () radio that I need to connect to my RTK2 board. I'm using a raspberry pi for this project. I am just a bit confused as to how I would hook this radio up to my raspberry pi and to the RTK2 to receive correction data. I understand how spi and i2c work, also UART and serial devices, although all of this stuff is fairly new to me.
Hi Andrew.

I'm afraid we don't have any guides that show how to use the RFM69 with a Pi, but we do have this product that might work for your application.
Google might be able to point you to a resource that shows how to use a RFM69 with a Pi though if you want to stick with that.