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By rkumar
Hi, I am working on a project that requires making a ZED-F9P module as base station and other as rover. I am facing troubles to configure base station, tried many ways using NTRIP client, u-centre, and arduino but none worked. i have gone through all the documents available on sparkfun site. please explaine a way to transmit RTCM data to rover and i got two bluetooth mate to transmit rtcm data, but having trouble how to make two bluetooths communicate with each other.
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By TS-Mark
Hi rkumar,

Can you please elaborate a bit on where exactly you are stuck with your project and our documentation? If you're having trouble pairing your Bluetooth Mates and transmitting data between them, I would recommend reading through the Hookup Guide for the Bluetooth Mate/BlueSMiRF boards. That will help you pair the boards and start sending serial data.

From there, you'll need to configure one ZED-F9P as a rover and the other as a base station. Both of these are covered in the GPS RTK2 Hookup Guide. I would recommend starting with receiving correction data via Bluetooth and then setting up the other ZED-F9P as your base station transmitting the correction data. When configured properly, the rover module should automatically enter RTK mode when RTCM data is detected on any enabled port. For your project, this will be UART2.

Finally, to eliminate the possibility of a hardware/connection issue, please take a few photos of your boards and the circuit(s) you have them in and attach them to your response. Please do your best to make sure they are clear and well-lit.