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By Richard R. Clement

I'm gonna start working on my new project - automated turntable for 3d scanning. Almost everything I need to do this is already in place - my PrimeSence Carmine, 3d scanning software, a stepper motor, EasyDriver stepper motordriver, an Arduino uno, etc. But I can't figure out how to abort rotation sequence for returning of the platform to its previous position or how to make the platform turn in the opposite direction? Like real turntables (this one for example) have the option of auto-tracking recovery which allows you to duplicate the previous shot in case it turned out poor quality or something went wrong. I couldn't find the information I needed, maybe someone knows how to do that? I would be greatly appreciate for the point to the right direction or any tutorial.

Best regards
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By TS-Mark
Hi Richard,

You can probably work this out with your code. Your stepper motor should have a specification for Step Angle so you can figure out how many steps it would take to rotate 360 degrees with some simple math (with a small margin of error due to manufacturer error tolerances in the step angle). From there it would be a matter of telling the Easy Driver to move the motor a specific number of steps, then change the logic on the direction (DIR) pin to move in reverse either the same number or whatever number of steps you want to go back to. To get started with your code, we have a few example sketches hosted on the GitHub Repository for the Easy Driver. The Hookup Guide for the Easy Driver will have some more information on the hardware and example code to run the Easy Driver.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the SparkFun parts in this project and we would be happy to help.