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I am working on a smart ring. I want to incorporate a capacitive sensor that can detect swipes and taps, like the finger sensors on OnePlus 6, where when you swipe down, it pulls down the notification centre and when you swipe up, it pulls the notification centre up. I have been looking online but i couldn't find the sensor that i could use. The available sensors are usually "tap" sensors capable of detecting only taps but no swipes. Can you suggest sensor and how i could use it, it needs to be small to fit in a ring.
Hi teenaxta.

Sadly I can't think of anything that would be small enough to work in a ring and I don't know for sure if such a sensor exists yet. If anyone else knows of something that would work, please reply to this post.
Hi, teenaxta!

Nod worked on a ring with capacitive touch. They've since pivoted away from this to a larger design with physical controls. There are some interesting photos in this SlashGear article. I think they were using a custom flex PCB for the cap touch area.

This size of device is really hard to build as a working prototype, even if you can get FPCBs fabricated and assembled.

I'd try getting a bracelet-sized version working, possibly using a SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout - DEV-13664 - SparkFun Electronics, which likely supports capacitive touch without additional hardware. The adafruit/Adafruit_FreeTouch library may work on this board.