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By ofishal
I like the kit for a hand drum (V2). What I want to build is similar, but needs 28 or 29 touch sensors. It would be best if the touch sensors are velocity sensitive, but this is not 100% necessary. The 28 or 29 sensors are ideally touched with a mallet, not fingers. The codes play steel drum sounds (or can be programmed for other instruments).

I would very much like input on how I can create this electronic instrument.

I am not sure which forum is ideal for this question. But does anybody have any input for me?

If I purchased two or three of the hand drum (V2) kits, would that work? Or just one hand drum kit and make additional sensors? Will the hand drum (v2) version handle 29 notes?
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By TS-Mark
Hi ofishal,

I am not sure if SparkFun is going to have the right parts for this project. The hand drum project was just a demo one of our former engineers designed taking advantage of the capacitive-touch capable pins on the Teensy 3.2. There are only 8 pins on the Teensy 3.2 capable of sensing capacitive touch so simply buying multiple iterations of the recommended parts is not going to work here. Also, the mallet would need to be conductive to work similarly to the capacitive pads Joel used in that project.

You might want to try searching on projects/tutorials sites like Instructables or for guidance on what other options you have to create this type of instrument.