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By Rhov
I am busy with a project in which I have to send the 'arrow keys' as well as 'enter' to a phone over bluetooth. I have read up a bit on bluetooth protocols and the like, but I thought I'd ask some advice on the forum:

I currently have a SparkFun Bluetooth Mate Gold or Silver available to me for use and I am wondering whether it would be easier to use that linked to an arduino to send SSP bluetooth data to the phone and then decode it on the phone with an app to allow the phone to perceive it as the needed inputs (the arrow keys and enter), or to use an HID capable bluetooth module to send the inputs to the phone directly as keyboard inputs (I guess I would then have to change the button inputs linked to the arduino to keyboard inputs on the arduino side).

Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

ps. this is only a small part of a larger project, so it is not the be all and end all of my system.
If your app can receive serial communication from a bluetooth device, you might be able use the Bluetooth Mate (I've only tested this through my computer's bluetooth connection). Otherwise, I know that there is an HID function on the Bluetooth Mate, but I have never gotten it to function properly.