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By martinius96
Solar monitor with Arduino allows:
  • [li]Sensor voltage (up to 24V), current (up to 5A) for solar panel, battery, appliance[/li]
    [li]Calculate the energy, power and capacity of individual elements of the solar system.[/li]
    [li]Retain data in MySQL database and then represent them in charts.[/li]
    [li]7-day measured data table.[/li]
    [li]List actual data in real-time report table[/li]
Manually control multiple relays: Physical buttons from the system and virtual from the web interface.
For more accurate measurement results, Arduino with 5V analog input is used.
The monitor of this system is also its controlling brain. The system can be extended to work with other systems and management. Boiler, irrigation and under under tension, temperature, weather and other impacts.
Used hardware:
  • [li]Arduino Mega 2560[/li]
    [li]Ethernet shield Wiznet W5100[/li]
    [li]3x Voltage sensor 0-25V[/li]
    [li]3x Current sensor ACS712 5A version (extendable to 20A / 30A version)[/li]
    [li]4-channel relay with inverted logic[/li]
System Screenshots:
More about this project (not translated yet):