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By PredatorCoder
OK based on some of the responses here, I think I perhaps have a better idea of what to get... For LEDs, I'm going to try:

Optek OVLFB3C7 and OVLGB0C6B9. The difference is the latter has a narrower beam angle.

LED Lenses from VCC (

I'll update this thread when I figure out what, if anything, works well.
I realize how old this thread is, but it is asking the exact question I have as well! :)
Is there any chance anyone in this thread came up with a reasonable estimate on LED 'mcd' which make it ideally "Sunlight Visible"?
I've searched high and low for DOT standards, and I've come up short on recommendations beyond ensuring a high contrast ratio.
Has anyone here had any luck on pegging a 'mcd' value on the LEDs?