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I am testing the SparkFun Battery Babysitter with 5000mAh & 8000mAh battery and arduino board.

The battery reading is unstable. Here are my results

1) 5000mAh - At O% when I connect charger to usb and after 5 minutes, SOC reaches to 100%. I assume this is battery problem
2) 8000mAh - This is bit stable but in many incidents the SOC reading jumps to 100% even the actual battery charge is around 80%.

Is anyone faces the same problem?
Hi shrzpk,

Your first issue with the 5000mAh battery definitely sounds like a problem with the battery. Is it a single-cell LiPo battery? Do you have a multimeter available to test the actual voltage present on the battery? If so, please use that and see if your battery is functioning properly. Also, check the datasheet(s) of your batteries to see what their optimal charge rate is. Usually, this is at 1C but it can vary depending on the battery.

As for the fluctuations for SoC for the 8000mAh battery, I'm not sure what would cause that based on the information here. Can you please provide more information about your setup? What type of Arduino are you using? Are you only testing when powering from USB? If so, what type of USB port (eg. 2, 3.0, etc.) are you using? Finally, in order to get a better look at what may be going on, please take a few photos of your board(s) and the circuit you have it in and attach them to your reply. Please do your best to make sure they are clear and well-lit. Also, I believe our "Attach Image" tool is not working properly on the Forums right now so if you have issues attaching them, please host them on another site (eg. Imgur, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and link to that source.
I have attached another single cell 3.7v 1500mAh lipo battery which shows capacity as 1364mAh. The charging blue LED cutoff when SOC reaches to 85%, second case 90% and third case 92%.

The question is how to find the battery power in percentage remaining? This board gives unexpected results and logics are not correct as expected.

Can you please guide me the correct figures which ables me to show the battery power (%)?
The board cut off the charging to the battery as it reaches to 84%. First of all, battery is 1500mAh and this shows 1364mAh. Is anyone tested this board as this seems like wastage of time?

SoC = 84%
Voltage = 4199 mV
Current AVG = 159 mA
Capacity REMAIN = 1145mAh
Capacity Full = 1364 mAh
Power = 668 mW
Health = 91%

Forum is not active and the team is quite after sale. No support, data is wrong and unreliable
Hi again,

We would be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue, but I need more information about how you are using the Battery Babysitter before we can progress. Can you please answer the questions I asked in my first post about how you are using the board as well as take a few photos of your Battery Babysitter and the circuit you have them in?
I have attached the below image of Sparkfun babysitter with ESP8266 Waveshare board

Real Image



Sparkfun babysitter hookup guide

I am working on Waveshare e-paper project and everything works fine but only problem is facing with battery SOC doesn't appear to 100%. Charger stops at 85% (most of the cases) but sometime stops at 80% too.

I am very near to finish my project and seeking help to fix the battery module. I am using Sparkfun library for the babysitter module.

Looking for your help.