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By nickfalsch
Oi Oi peeps,

Can someone pleaaase explain to me why this happens...
So i made this circuit... kind of .. i made ... highlight=

so..image this, just the apc without the sequencer and on a breadboard :p .. litteraly everything checks out BUT THEN.....: out of nothig , and i think its something with the second ic when you turn it up it starts to pitch and pitch and higher and higher until... NOTHING anymore...
sometimes i plug out my positive output wich is connected to the 10uF and then its back to normal for some reason, other times nothing works but always when i turn a bit wrong on one of my pots ... it is pitch ++++++++ STOP.... someone plz help me..

i managed for now to not throw everything against the wall.. but i am sure that if this doesnt stop it will be the only solution to make me feel satified.

Grtz Nick :)
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By TS-Mark
Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, this is not really something that SparkFun Technical Support can help you out with. There may be other users on this forum that are more familiar with an Atari Punk Controller circuit but it might be best to ask on the forum you link to in your post if you have not already.

That said, we do have a kit based on the Atari Punk Console, the SparkPunk Sound Kit. The schematicfor that kit and our various guides (SparkPunk Sound Kit Guide and SparkPunk Theory and Applications Guide) for this and its partner board, the SparkPunk Sequencer Kit might provide some information that could help you troubleshoot your circuit.