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By i_need_help_10k
We will create a track system to track animals in the mountains. We are then looking for circuit boards where we can connect to satellite communication and external battery. We will create software / app even for different functions.

Do you have any suggestions here? Cheap as possible :)

We would like to have 100-500 copies of the product if you find the right one.
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By TS-Chris
Hello and thanks for your post!

Sadly we don't carry a single board solution to your problem. We do have some parts you could use to create a prototype with but I have a feeling that the assembled prototype might end up being larger than is practical for your application.

If you're looking for what parts to use for a proof of concept prototype, the list below should get you started but you're going to need to hire a contract engineering firm to build a smaller final product. You will also need to write the firmware that drives these parts as simply connecting them together won't work.
We hope this helps you, and good luck with your project. :-)
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By quanghieuinfo
I also have the same issue with him. May you please support us in connecting these items and how to write the firmware? I also need to communicate between 2 Iridium module. I would be highly grateful if u could help us. Thank you very much.
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By TS-Chris
Hello quanghieuinfo.

I'm sorry, but we can not help you write your firmware.

I would encourage you to look at the resources in the documents tab on the product page for the RockBlock 9603. Those should provide the information needed to get started but you will likely need to customize the example code for your application.