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By pantheonium

I'm posting here for the first time to seek advice on the oscillator part used in the breakout board- ... r-PCM1803A

I have designed this board to accept a 4 pad 7mm x 5mm Oscillator (24.576M), and resized the other components, while managing the board form factor.

Could I ask which oscillator from would be the best fit? I'm not sure if I should be using an HCMOS or TTL output type? The data sheet does not provide any information.

I have no links with Mouser, but, I need to order some other parts that RS doesn't have in stock at the moment and postage maybe free if I order my list with Mouser.

I need a small board for Audio ADC to my Raspberry Pi and this one fitted the bill quite nicely.

Thank you for your time and advice.

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By TS-Chris
Hi pantheonium.

We don't stock it, but we used an oscillator with manufacturer part number XLH735024.576000X on that board. You might check with Mouser for that.

Hope this helps, and happy hacking!