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By mrsbates
I am essentially designing a flash drive. I am using an Atmel ATmega IC, an FTDI interface, and an external memory. The microcontroller is needed for other functions to be performed by the device. I need to design a schematic and ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps, for example, where to start or how to go about this?

This portion of my project does not need to be unique so if anyone knows of any existing circuits I could look at, that would help too.

Thanks in advance!
By jonbowen234
Does it have to be USB or just large memory storage? ... ts_id=8215

If you use an SD card and load the data to it you could then use the SD module to read data back and forth to the controller and then remove the card and use a usb card reader to load data onto or off of the device.

Just a thought
By denisbest
As I understand, FTDI will give you virtual COM port and not Mass Storage functionality. You need to find USB MCU from Atmel and I am sure that they have plenty of examples and circuits for to-be flash drives..