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By KamPutty
Hi all!

I'm in need for some super bright IR LED's. I want to use the IR at a long distance! Any thoughts gang?

I mean BRIGHT! I should be able to detect the IR from space...okay, maybe not from space, but from many feet away! long long long ways away!

~Kam (^8*
By denisbest
I know you can solder an array of IR LEDs and they'll give you a lot of output power. That's how you can activate that traffic light IR system used by emergency vehicles from many feet away.
By riden
You can pulse the LEDs at high current to get more range as long as the junction temperature remain at acceptable levels. Bruce's site has a very good discussion of the process. Here is the link to the relevant area:
By KamPutty
Ya, I'm gonna hook up a bunch in parallel etc., but I was just wondering if there are some really bright ones I can also connect in parallel!


~Kam (^8*
By Philba
the other thing to consider is the viewing angle. the narrower it is, the more of the power is directed in the beam. Of course, a really narrow angle will make it harder to aim,

You might consider an IR laser if your distance needs aren't met by the available LEDs.

and by the way, using IR Array to trigger the traffic MIRTs is likely to get you in big trouble, not recommended...
By KamPutty
Ya, I need to also examine the viewing angle...actually, triggering lights is not the use for this! Just want to do some IR long distance stuff!

~Kam (^8*