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Hi there, I have the 64x32 RGB LED Matrix and want to make it portable ...

I plan on trying some tests once I make a cable but I do have a question or 2.

The Data Sheet, which is from the Chinese data sheet and they love to use W/m2 for the max power.
最大功耗 (Maximum power) W/ M2 762

now, I'm use to mili amp Hours and figuring things out there. What is the max amp draw for this LED matrix??

I want to hook it up to a External Battery Pack (*Thats designed to charge devices*) 5V 2.1 A output from a USB cable port.

any thoughts and suggestions?

I'm also looking for a possible Pre-Made USB cable to 4 pin molex connector (*to connect to back of the Matrix*)

Thanks for any information you can provide.