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By nlundsten
Hi, I'm new here.. :)

I just picked up a 16 channel multiplexer breakout:
After getting it all wired up, it seems that the documentation is wrong for which s0-s3 high/low signals control which output connection

I'm using a 4-channel 3v-5v step up(74acht125), between the multiplexer and a raspberry pi, which doesn't have enough outputs for me to use s3 on the multiplexer (en, s0, s1, s2), meaning that s3 is always "low", which *should* mean that I can't use s8-s15. (requires s3 to be "high")

high/low combinations for c0-c3 seem to be correct, but c4-c8 actually control c12-c15

Am I reading the documentation wrong?