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By kebwi
At first glance, the Qwiic keypad ( seems to only generate an I2C message for a key-down event. I don't get an event for key-up nor do I get a steady stream of events while the key is held down. Consequently, there is no way to use the keys as "momentary switches".

Am I missing an option here, or does the keypad really not support such behavior? If not, then is this limitation only occurring at the Qwiic interface, or also at the lower line level? If I circumvented the I2C conversion and went straight to the keypad lines, could I then hope to access key-down-duration (realizing that doing so would obviate having purchased the more expensive version with Qwiic as opposed to the same item without the Qwiic board, which would have been cheaper)?

Am I understanding this correctly, or is there a way to get the data I want off the I2C device?