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Basically what it says in the thread title: I'm looking for a board that has these specs:

- Arduino compatible or at least that I can program through the Arduino IDE
- Has built-in WIFI
- Has built-in temperature sensing (humidity would be nice to have but not required)

I'm currently doing this with a Thing Dev with a frankensteined DHT11 soldered on top and this works fine except that I now need a lot more of these and don't want to spend all that time soldering. Plus it won't look professional either.

Any recommendations?
There are some arduino boards with built in wifi. Adafruit makes a "feather" with builtin wifi and there is also Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2. I happened to know about the Adafruit feather, and found the UNO using YOUR FRIEND GOOGLE.

You'll still have to add the temperature sensor of your choice, but that's only two or three solder joints.

I think the reason that so many people looked at your post and didn't answer is because they thought you should be able to figure it out yourself using Google. Good luck with your project.
I did use "my friend Google" and didn't find any relevant results that's why I decided to ask in a specialized forum where the cumulative knowledge of the niche in question would be likely to yield better results. If you've read my post you'd have seen that I already know about the boards with built-in WIFI as I explicitly stated that I'm using one (I even included the name of the product). I also included the reason why "three solder joints" was not good enough in my case.

Maybe the reason that so many people looked at this post and didn't answer was because they didn't have anything of value to add.

Just a thought...
@awootton: Thanks, I didn't know about the Grove or Qwiic connectors. They seem a pretty viable option for this particular project.

@n1ist: I'll look into the Wemos D1 mini. I didn't know about that board, either. As far as making my own board, that is definitely what I will do if the demo gets accepted. What I'm looking at right now is building a prototype super fast in order to get a workable demo.