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I need to update this chipset incluided in the Lilypad MP3 of Sparkfun

I have an .ino, but how I can apply the update? ... tches.html

Sparkfun's technical service has not wanted me or knows how to tell me how to do it and the manufacturer has responded. But, given my limited knowledge, I still do not know how to apply this firmware that has very important improvements

I hit here the answer given by the manufacturer:

"There is no programmable non-volatile memory in vs1053b. There is only ROM and RAM.

Patch code is thus loaded (through the serial control interface) after each power-up or reset. If the Lilypad already supports loading patches, there is probably a file vs1053b-patches.plg (or vs1053b-patches.c) somewhere in its firmware project. You should only need to replace the file with a newer version.

(If not, then see the upload routine in the file itself (e.g. vs1053b-patches.plg). It only needs an external SCI register write function. Also see the microcontroller examples elsewhere in the forum.)"