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Hi - Am using Windows 10 and a 3.3V Pro Micro Arduino to work with the Qwiic OpenLog (with a 32GB card) and getting flaky results with the example scripts. Have been reliably communicating with a 3.3V I2C accelerometer so I think the Pro Micro is healthy.

Example 1: Formated (using quick format) card then ran the script. Card had config.txt (with some contents) and Newfile.txt which was empty. Put card back in logger, reapplied power, and ran the script again. Card had same two files, plus a LOG00005.txt which contained two sets of the messages written to the logger during the script. How did Newfile.txt show up on a freshly formatted card? Why didn't the log file show up after the first time running the script?

Reformated the card and repeated the steps. Same result except Newfile.txt didn't show up this time and the log file was named LOG.00006.txt.