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access RockBlock via bluetooth modem

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:15 pm
by TAStewart
I've used my RockBlock with a USB serial cable with success, but would like to move to BlueTooth and work from my Cell phone to the RockBlock.
It dawned on me that both the Bluetooth modem and the Iridium modem use AT commands.
I'm thinking that the RockBlock only accepts AT commands from the serial interface, not via satellite transmission...
And I believe the bluetooth modem works the same, receiving AT commands from the serial connection, not the bluetooth radio, so that I would program the Bluetooth parameters with AT commands on the serial side then connect it to the serial lines of the RockBlock.

At that point, serial communications from my Android phone via Bluetooth to the Iridium modem could carry AT commands to the Iridium modem and be ignored by the Bluetooth modem.

Can anyone with experience tell me if I've got this correct?