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By assafwei

I have a machine that uses a stepper motor with the big easy driver and an arduino (Due). From time to time the stepper motor gets stuck mechanically (an issue with the machine), and when it gets stuck the big easy driver gets fried. Is there a way to protect the big easy driver from frying each tome the motor gets mechanically stuck?

By jremington
The current drawn by a stepper motor depends only very weakly on whether it is rotating, so stalling would not explain why the driver is burning up.

Please state the exact model of the stepper motor, post link a link to the data sheet for it, and tell us what value you set for the current limit on the stepper driver.
By lyndon
My guess is that the driver is marginal for that size stepper and at speed, the current isn't high enough for long enough to cause a heating problem. But at idle with holding current on, it dissipates too much power
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