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By per_kristian
Firstly; the Tsunami Super Wav Trigger is fantastic, but I have some issues with it:

In my setup, the Tsunami (running v1.08m mono firmware) is controlled with an Arduino Due over serial communication, but initially I was not able to compile my sketch with the Tsunami library included, I got a lot of error messages with «'Serial1' was not declared in this scope».
To solve this I looked in Tsunami.h and replaced the following line:
#include <HardwareSerial.h>
With this line:
#include <Arduino.h>

So now I use the Tsunami as a sampling instrument with dedicated attack/release knobs, and for that I use the trackFade command. However; if the trackFade time value is somewhere between 0-260, I get these distorted echoing noises (warning; loud clicks):
Tsunami noise echo
This only happens on the release portion of the sound, where the stopFlag is set to «true», and the echo pattern seems to vary depending on what value trackFade time is set to. Maybe this is just a problem with my unit? I’ve tried different microSD cards and get the same result. For now I avoid the problem by using trackStop if trackFade time is less than 261, but it’s not an optimal solution.

And lastly; this is more a feature request I suppose: I find the trackFade envelope to be a bit too “logarithmic”. This is most noticeable on the attack portion; the sound starts to fade in… and then suddenly the volume jumps up! Here’s an example:
Tsunami trackFade envelope
With a fairly low value on the attack time, the envelopes make it almost sound like there’s a slap-back delay. I think it would sound a lot smoother with linear envelopes, maybe there could been an option to choose logarithmic or linear?

Anyway, thanks for an otherwise excellent product!
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By robertsonics
Sorry for the delayed response to this. I've been out of the country for the last month with very limited internet access.

This certainly sounds like a bug, and one that I should be able to replicate. I recall that I did some work on fade times less than one audio buffer, which is around 3ms, and fixed some issues in the WAV Trigger firmware. It's entirely possible that I didn't follow through with the Tsunami version afterwards. I will look into this as soon as I get a chance and let you know here.

Regarding linear vs logarithmic, the fades are currently linear in dB. I use a lookup table which converts dB to a linear multiplier and the fade steps through this table in a linear fashion. I've experimented with different tables, but settled on this one as a good compromise for both attack and release.
By per_kristian
Ah, maybe the trackFade envelope could be anti-logarithmic then, so the volume is quickly raised and then gradually increase towards the sustain level, but I guess I can learn to live with the envelopes as they are :)
Looking forward to any news concerning the release echo noises.

Thanks again.
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