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By eumaios
I am trying to get an RFM69HCW working with Pro Micros. I am using 868 MHZ RFM69 modules. The RadioHead Library examples both work well, if I initialise the rf69 with Pro Micro pin 10 for the chip select and Pro Micro pin 3 for DIO0 on the RFM69.
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RH_RF69 rf69(10, 3);
I also try to test exactly the same setup with the LowPowerLab RFM69 library (the node and gateway examples), but I get no transmissions between my units. It took me a while to find this out, but after much reading I think it's ok if I initialise as follows:
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#define RF69_SPI_CS   10
#define RF69_IRQ_PIN  3
The radio is then initialised with:
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RFM69 radio(RF69_SPI_CS, RF69_IRQ_PIN, true);
This setup is not transmitting - the node always receives "nothing" back for its messages. Nothing shows up on the gateway serial monitor (I can call the different functions like i, t, or similar.

I would much appreciate any help in understanding what might be the difference between the two libraries and how to get the radio module working with the LowPowerLab library.
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