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By dwyer2bp
I have been trying to troubleshoot an odd issue with this sensor. This is my first time with the MLX90640, so I figured there was a lot of room on my end to adapt to the learning curve. However, I believe I have an issue which is inherent to the hardware itself.

When I try to use Sparkfun's linked MLX library I notice that any I2C read will always BEGIN at the same device memory address. It is as if the camera device is not storing my requested 16-bit address during an I2C-Write sequence.

I2C-Write to slave (0x33) address (0x2400)

When I perform a 2 byte read, the bytes 0x0009 (or sometimes 0x0008) are read. I'm using a logic analyzer to determine this.

Example (more):
I2C-Write to slave (0x33) address (0x2400)
I2C-Write to slave (0x33) address (0x2400)