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By NoCoGrowTech

I am utilizing the SCD30 environmental sensor along with paulvha's adaptation of SparkFun's SCD30 library in a hydroponic application. I understand that the SCD30 saves poll interval, altitude, and barometric pressure values to non-volatile memory during power-on. Because fluctuations in temperature/pressure are known to alter CO2 sensing accuracy, I've added the SparkFun pressure sensor (MS5637). I would like to know if the SCD30 would be negatively impacted by an airSensor.setAmbientPressure(PressureValue) command being issued to update the pressure values in non-volatile memory with values from the MS5637 while in normal operation (not during power-on)? Also, does your testing indicate the minimum change in pressure required to alter the sensor's accurate reading of CO2 levels?

Thx! :)