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By repairsonline
The ch-926 is a six coin acceptor, meaning it can memorise up to 6 different types on coins of the same currency or from different currencies, some could be Euro, some AUD, some USD, what ever takes your fancy.

Each coin is assigned by the end user a number of pulses, for example: $1 may be assigned 1 pulse and a $2 coin, 2 pulses.

When a $1 is accepted, the coin acceptor outputs 1 pulse or as I would like to call it a signal pulse. A $2 coin would output 2 pulses.

So, if you sell products at $1 and $2 dollars, the above system works OK.

However, there is no information if the vending product is sold, say, at $2 and you would to give the customer the option of purchasing the product
not by exclusively asking for the use $2 coins only but also $1 coins or any other coins less than $2, 10 cents, 20cents ..... and so on, that is, the pulses from the different coins would sum up to the number of pulses set for thr $2 coin.

So, my first question is how the end user would program this into the ch-926, and my second question what is the function of the 3 point slide switch, the points are designated as: MAX NOM MGN