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By ugo

I'm using the SparkFun nRF52832 Breakout to use the RTC signal for a sensor pressure clock line.

Unfortunately, on the 2 RTC pins there are no signal. To verify this point I used an oscilloscope to read pin 0 and 1.
Besides, I also created a sketch on another pin to generate my own squarre signal close to 33.333kHz, and I saw it on the oscilloscope.

I understand according to the tutorial that I do not need to modify the hardware.
RTC-EN - Connect/Disconnect the 32.768kHz Crystal
The nRF52832 Breakout equips the chip with a 32.768kHz crystal – connected to GPIO pins 0 and 1. Unfortunately, those pins make up a quarter of the available ADC inputs. So, if your application doesn’t require an RTC – and you need those pins to for another purpose – grab a hobby knife and cut the two traces between their pads to disconnect the crystal.
Maybe I need to init RTC pin with a dedicated method, but which one ?
Could you provide me a link to any tutorial ?

Any Ideas what I'm missing here? What is my misunderstanding?