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By DrYerzinia
I ordered some of PRT-13813 from Digikey as well as S2B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN) with the expectation of being able to plug them into eachother. But the fit was not quite right. Below is a photograph of the Battery JST connector (Left) next to a pigtail supplied with Adafruits MCP73833 Lipo Charger board (Right). The pigtail fits the SMD PH connectors I bought just fine.
The central channel on the top is too wide to fit into these PH connectors I got from digikey. In the image below you can see the channel in the JST PH connectors from Digikey is very narrow, more so than the connectors on the Adafruit board shown further down.
In the image below you can see the connector that is on the Adafruit Board. I could not find a part number for these but if any one knows let me know. They fit the connector on the battery fine.

It looks like the ones SparkFun sells are these: There are however no good front pictures to see the channel width to make sure they will fit properly.

TLDR The connectors on the ends of the SparkFun battery don't fit the JST PH SMD connectors I got from Digikey. Looking for recommendation on alternate surface mount connector that will fit them.