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By adim
Hello to everyone,
i am trying to connect the LSM6DS3 accel+gyr with the 3110 magnetometer. I want to connect the mag on the LSM6DS3 and i want it to see it as an exterrnal sensor so i can sent the data of the magnetometer to LSM6DS3's internal FIFO. The problem is that in the LSM6DS3's datasheet there are this registers:
- SLV0_ADD -> (I2C slave address of the first external sensor (Sensor1) register (r/w)) // Magnetometer's slave address (everything ok)

- SLV0_SUBADD -> (Address of register on the first external sensor (Sensor1) register (r/w)) // This is an 8-bit register, what should i put here? Which register? The mag's register for only the x axis is 16-bit long -> OUT_X_MSB(8-bit) & OUT_X_LSB(8-bit)