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By Dweibel

I had an LED strip laying around from a project last Christmas and decided to mod one of my wife's decorations. Last year when I did this I wanted the strip to go crazy rainbow-y which worked great. This time I would like things to be more controlled. As an initial test I drove one LED on the strip at a time. This is where I see my first issue, All LEDs that are off actually have a tiny little blue light coming out. Enough it messes with my other all idea. I haven't found a way to turn off the LEDs completely? (One workaround is to put the LEDs on a digital out pin so I can turn the whole pin off and all the LEDs. That doesn't help with I just want a couple on.) Next I started experimenting with randomly bursting some LEDs. The requested LEDs light up but I also see the surrounding pins going off and commonly in different colors. Is this normal for these LED strips? Are there any tricks to avoid this issue?

This is the strip...