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By thompsop
For the warm white 3 watt LED 5-pack #13104 (, the specs say they're 160-200LM. Is this cumulative for all 5 or per assy? I'm comparing those to the RGB led 08718 ( which shows 40+50+15 = 105 LM. The lumens for the 13104 just seems a bit high.

My application will be an LED version of a 500w T3 halogen indoor torchiere lamp for my wife. The specs for the halogen are color temp 3000K at 9500 lumens. Obviously I'm going to need some serious LED-foot wattage, luminosity and heat-sinkery. I think it will need to be variable output, and If I go that route I'd like to add some red, yellow, orange or RGB LEDs to the mix so that lowering the intensity alters the color ... the lower the intensity, the more towards the orange spectrum. Like more sunset.