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By openoli
Hello, i have the named Jtag interface and tried to get it running with goJTAG under Windows 10, for learning purposes. GoJtag normally runs with any FT2232 device, but the Olimex is not regocnized and therefore not selectable as an adapter there.

I tried quite a lot, first deinstalled any drivers until the device is shown as an questionmark. Then installed native FTDI drivers, which dont work because the VID/PID of the Olimex is not in the range of the default FTDI ones. I modified the INF files, so i could install the driver, but still not seen by goJTAG.

Then i changed the FT chipset VID/PID using the ft_prog tool (formerly known as mprog) to a default FTDI and reinstalled drivers. No look with this either.

GoJTAG proposes to use a interface called PicoTAP, from a German manufacturer Göpel Electronics. This one is very basic, a schematic is found on the goJtag homepage, and uses an FT2232H chip. I get their drivers and changed the VID/PID of the Olimex to macht, but even this is not seen inside the goJTAG adapterlist.

Now im out of options. Maybe anyone can help?