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By jimtellier
Hi all...
I've read all the posts I can find on Nordic forum, here, and everywhere re: nRF52832 programming. I've found conflicting information, and reached some conclusions, but still cannot program the Sparkfun nRF52832 breakout, using the Nordic '52 DK board.
One of the conflicting comments I've seen concerns the use of "nRF VDD" being tied to "VTG"; some say it's needed, some say it's not.
It appears to me that the following connections serve to POWER THE TARGET from the DK board, so that you don't need to power the target separately. This appears to be an ADVANTAGE in that the voltages on DK and Target will be identical (a given requirement).
However, though several people claim this is the "correct" configuration, and simply telling Segger Studio to download code to target will Automatically detect the external target via the P20 connections (as above, plus SWDIO -> D, SWDCLK -> C, RESET -> RESET, on the breakout), the only thing that appears to be "programmed" is the DK board, NOT the breakout board.
I've re-checked all connections and voltages. I've also tried using Beefy3 FTDI to power the target, eliminating the nRFVDD connection. No difference.
The reason I am trying to use the nRF52-DK is because programming ONE sketch to the breakout via Arduino the first time I used it, caused the bootloader to die. I do NOT need to reprogram any bootloader - all I need to do is get my own code onto the nRF52832 Breakout, via the nRF52-DK. If anyone has done this successfully, please share details of what you may be doing differently. Thanks!