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By JimWagner
Greetings -

I'd like to make a slightly modified version of the LIS3DH breakout board and would like to make that based on the great Sparkfun board so that the two will be absolutely compatible.

I download the board files from GitHub and attempt to open them with EAGLE 7.6, the same version of EAGLE that created these files (as determined by opening the file with an excellent programmers text editor). But, every time, EAGLE throws an error message, same for both the schematic and the board files:

Loading /Users/jameswagner/Dropbox/LIS3DSH Breakout/SparkFun_LIS3DH-Breakout.sch ...
line 8, column 16: This is not an EAGLE file.

Some help in resolving this would be immensely appreciated!
Jim Wagner