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By 142victoria
I have a Tsunami Super WAV Trigger board which I would very much like to replace a “WAV Trigger “board that I have been successfully using in a Midi arduino musical instrument I made.

Unfortunately I cannot get it to work properly playing wav files via Midi.

I have made a small demo arduino sketch to play a sequence of midi notes for a selection of channels.

This ONLY works for Channel 1 . A sample of the files are numbered so;

Channel 1; 067_L1 _Number , 068_L1 _Number,

Channel 2; 195_Number, 197_L3 _Number

Channel 2; 323_L3 _Number, 323_L3 _Number

I have used the same wav files numbered in range 1 to 128 and added 128 for each channel.

Is this a problem of my making or do others have the same problem with this board?
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By robertsonics
Tsunami treats MIDI channels differently than does the WAV Trigger, and more like traditional MIDI gear. Tsunami can be set to only receive on one MIDI channel, or can be set to Poly so that it responds to all MIDI channels, but channels do not currently offset the track numbers by 128. This is done using MIDI Banks, which can be set either by using a MIDI Program Change message, a serial protocol message or via the MIDI Bank Up/Down trigger functions.

Hope this helps.