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Hi All,

This is not necessarily an issue with the driver board, more a question on how to set it up.

I'm driving a NEMA 17 stepper motor, 3V 1.7A, and I'm trying to setup the stall detection using setParam(STALL_TH, value)

It seems to work ok, in that if I stall the motor I get a step loss error, however the step loss is also occuring when the motor starts, even with no load. If I set stall threshold higher so motor starts without tripping step loss error, then step loss is not detected when I stall the motor during operation. If i set the stall threshold lower so it detects step loss during operation, then the step loss error is often tripped at startup. Aaargh.

Does anyone have experience with the driver board configuration or the L6470 chip itself. Is there a way to configure ignoring high currents at startup, but still detect a stall during operation.

Thanks in advance