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By JerryH
I can't seem to update the firmware on my wavetrigger.

I believe I've followed Robertsonics steps:

1. With the power to the WAV Trigger off, set the small switch near the power connector to the “load” position.
2. Connect a USB serial interface to your computer (I'm using the Sparkfun 5V FTDI board).
3. Run the WT-Flasher app, then navigate to and select the desired firmware hex file. (I'm using WT-Flasher_102_20140315.exe and I navigate to the WAVTrig_132_20180325.hex firmware file)
4. Connect the WAV Trigger to the USB serial adaptor and turn on the power to the WAV Trigger.
5. Immediately press the WT-Flasher “Program” button.
6. The app should establish communication with the bootloader and begin programming the new firmware.

After step 3, the flasher program says ">COM port opened successfully". After step 5 I see the TX LED on the FTDI board blink, and after a bit the Flasher program says ">Couldn't connect".

Am I missing something?

I'm using this board with the MIDI interface and I want to take advantage of the latest MIDI upgrades. I'm not sure what version of firmware my board has.

Thanks for your help.
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By robertsonics
There's a limited amount of time you have between applying power to the WAV Trigger (with the switch in the "Load" positions) and pressing the "Program" button in the app. Have you closed the 5V solder jumper on the WAV Trigger? If so, you're applying power as soon as you plug in the FTDI Basic. If not, then wait until just before you press the Program button to apply power. The timing can be a little tricky.

The precise steps listed above are correct. You just need to make sure that not much time passes between steps 4 and 5.

Also, be sure you don't have the FTDI plugged in backwards.
By JerryH
Thanks for the prompt reply!

Got it! It was the timing of applying power and hitting the program button. Words like 'immediately' and 'not much time passes' are quite nebulous--using a phrase like 'a fraction of a second' would be more helpful. I don't mean to be critical--but perhaps this comment will help someone looking at this thread at a later time.

Thanks again.
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By robertsonics
In all fairness, it's definitely more than 'a fraction of a second'. I've done this a lot and I know I've waited several seconds without a problem. But your point is taken - Documentation could always be better.