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I need to find basic methods to take say a simple closed or open switch on hardware remote to connect to a plugin at a regular computer that could be decoded and sent to the screen.. I see the different computers used here but do not see any things accessing the normal old PC like thru a plugin access to the computer..Thanks
Someone must know what i can search for to get what I am looking for its very simple... to explain in different words some tutorials on how to take a simple circuit on a breadbooard and connect it to the puter so i could read an on or off condition of a switch on the simple breadboard..
That type of thing used to be prevalent.. but now all i find is more complex stuff like building an aguino computer... way more than i need.. actually all I am looking for is the ability to monitor when my ac unit kicks in and off.. like closing a switch on a simple breadboard.. which i can do but i wont to sned that info to a basic computer to be able to monitor when the ac unig is on and off 24x7
Your typical PC doesn't have a GPIO type interface. So you need something that can talk via serial or USB or over WiFi or Bluetooth, etc...

You could likely assemble this for less than $10 if you use Chinese made parts sourced from eBay or AliExpress. ... de/58.html

You can just hook the arduino to PC via USB and log the data over the serial connection.