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By hiduino
It appears the Atto84 I have do not have the USB VID/PID set correctly, so the device is not recognized. Shows up as unknown device.

It shows up on the Windows Device Manager as: USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\6&9C263C6&0&3
By hiduino
Yes, I have the new drivers, but as I said Windows doesn't recognize the device with a USB VID/PID as 0000/0000.

Windows won't allow me to update the drivers because it doesn't know the VID/PID.
By hiduino
Another symptom is that because the USB VID/PID is 0000/0000 it shows up in Device Manager under "Universal Serial Buss controllers" as "Unknown Device". It does not show up under "Other devices" "Unknown device".
By hiduino
My USB ports are 2.0, however it appears adding an external USB 2.0 Hub allows for the correct USB enumeration. I am able to program the Atto84 with using an external USB 2.0 hub.