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By the_julle

I'm using the Pro Micro, with a 9V battery connected to the RAW pin.
In addition, I'm using the TLC5940 breakout board to supply some LEDs.

I'm using the Low-Power library.
I have removed the power LED, but obviously need the regulator.

When I enter sleep mode, I still have a power consumption of 3mA... Which is a lot more than I was hoping. I know the regulator will be using some, but this guy managed to 0.02 mA, even with the regulator...

Any ideas as to why I use that much power in sleep mode. Is that expected from the Pro Micro?

This is the power down mode I'm using:
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By the_julle
Which components?

As I understand it, besides ADC and BOD, the other modules only apply in idle modes? I'm sleeping in PowerDown mode.