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By spdtr
Hello community,
I hope you're doing well.
I want to test my RTK GPS Ublox NEO-M8P on a drone, but I have to log information during the flight.
I bought the sparkfun Openlog datalogger and I am trying to configure it.
Can someone help me on this?
Do I need an Arduino card for it? Or the only thing I have to do is to connect it to the GPS?
Thanks for your answers
You should be able to just connect the (correctly configured) OpenLog to the GPS, and it will log everything. That probably is not the most desirable way to proceed, though, as most of the data won't be useful.

Sparkfun has posted an extensive tutorial on using OpenLog, and I suggest that you work your way through it.
By spdtr
I worked on the tutorial, but I can't get any logs on my files.
I only get empty logs.
What do you think?
And what do you mean by "correctly configured"? I only have my configuration file on the SD card of the logger.

Thanks for your answer