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Dear sparkfun community,

I am a total newbie with RFID technology, but unfortunately I must dive in at breackneck speed. I thought the easiest way would be via the sparkfun kit "Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano"

It is a bit unclear to me whether I also need to purchase "UHF RFID Antenna (TNC)"

A related question, still stemming from my ignorance of RFID, is whether the tags
are both compatible with "Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano".

I assume the answer to this last question is YES, because both seem to be "EPCglobal Gen2", but I would appreciate a confirmation.

Final, I promise, question is which reader is available from sparkfun, for reading the following RFID tags:

It does NOT need an external antenna for testing etc. The antenna will increase the reach (combined with enough power supply).

The tags (14147 or the 14151) can both be read by the nano. They have just a different layout in antenna. Both work fine for me without external antenna. Of course they are GEN2 compatible.

The 11319, 10127 and the 10128 are working on 13,52Mhz, not UHF and thus not compatible with this reader.