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By Mavrick33

I created a project to be able to use Blynk to open/close my garage door. It works great, however I get an alert from Blynk that it has gone offline or sometimes online after the garage door operates. This can happen even when not using the app, but using the regular garage opener button (the one by the garage door).

My guess is that since I have the SparkFun Thing plugged into the same outlet as the garage door opener, when the garage door opener operates it is causing a voltage drop and the Thing temporarily looses some power. After researching, I'm thinking I need a capacitor to help prevent the voltage drop? Possibly even a decoupling capacitor?

I have the typical USB charger powering it:

I have several capacitors, but have no idea what the best way is to wire them up. It looks like I should find one that is 2-3 times the voltage I need. I'm not quite sure how to calculate or figure that out.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or used capacitors to help with this problem? I'd appreciate any advice here on how to wire this up. I've looked at the schematic and maybe it is as easy as connecting the right one from the positive to ground.