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By Catttdaddy
Hey guys I purchased the CAN-BUS Shield and hooked up the Canbus High/ Low to my Radio CAN wires. I could not get any information through the OBD2 port on my car. I can now at least READ and SEND the CAN Messages to the vehicle. I am trying to use the "SparkFun_CAN_Demo" but when I run the sketch my car Errors out and goes crazy (Warning Bell, all dash lights turn on, and the windshield wipers run). I was hoping someone could help me to get the information from OBD-2 while hooked directly to the interior CAN. From what I have read, I should have full access from the CAN-BUS from here. Apparently my Jeep has blocked the interior can from the OBD-2 port.

What I have to do to get the CAN messages is to change the "CANSPEED_500" to "CANSPEED_250". I tried that in the CAN_Demo but still only get errors. Im not really sure how to tackle this. I have been logging and attempting to translate the can messages, so Im ok there but would like to know what I am doing wrong as far as getting the Speed, RPMs, and Throttle from the "SparkFun_CAN_Demo. Please help.