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By impartit
I am using a "Sparkfun Pi Servo Hat" and cannot figure out how the pan and tilt button outputs of (servo_up(), servo_down() etc.) are handled by the web interface once pipan_off has been renamed to pipan_on, the pipe FIFO_pantilt has been created and the access permissions changed to 666 . Further pipan.php references the servoblaster installation directory and servo_off is the default !!!

The contents of pipan_bak.txt do not change from the one line entry of 90 100.

How do the pan and tilt buttons interact with installed as directed in this URL ... ilt-camera.

Servos buzz and scoping the signal pins of either show a continuos pulse which does NOT change when a pan or tilt button is pressed.
By RHTizzy
Not to hijack your thread but nobody's responded to your call yet and I've the (probably) same problem here: on startup, servo deflection is minimal and then when the pipe is opened by the pi, it seems like the servo's just buzz but actually they're maxed out and still pushing which gets them really hot and would probably cause them to burn out if left for more than a few seconds or what. Nothing changes when pressing the pan/tilt arrows on the website.

I moved the addressing in to the third and fourth channels which I believe someone recommended in the tutorial you linked, but the same result ensues so no success.

It seems like the pulses expected by the servo's are way different than the hat is configured for. I've used four different servo's with the same result so having a hard time believing they're broken. They are 'old' servo's though (2013ish) so perhaps something with the tech has changed radically since I last used them?

I did try to make sense of ... 1521732247 and writing values to the PWM registers but it's all new to me so having a hard time trying to troubleshoot.

All input is welcome!