Magnetic Strip reader sen-11096

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Magnetic Strip reader sen-11096

Post by hmlittle59 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:53 pm

Hello All,
I've been learning how to use this reader for the past 2 mths. Everything seem to be going OK!!!
But now, sometimes I have to swipe the card twice to get it to read properly. The green light blinks as though it is working, but no data comes through. Is this something that someone has had a problem with in the pass and did you fix it?

1) Using a Parallax BS2p controller with PBASIC
2) From the BOOK: 1 (short) line of code to do the reading
3) Baud rate is all set properly

DEBUG CR,"waiting for data",CR,CR ' To show we are in the routine
MAINIO ' Switch to Main I/O pins
SERIN Readerpin, 16624, [SPSTR 120] ' Readerpin = I/O pin 11
DEBUG CR,"DATA Saved to RAM",CR ' To show we are in the routine
Thanks for any help
PS: 1st post to this forum

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