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By csunwc
Dear product manager:

I am writing to request proper documentation for your Qwiic product family.
Specifically, I would like to see the documentation for I2C registers and protocols used for communications.

For a carrier or breakout board of a well documented 3rd-party chip, I can understand why you skip I2C documentation because users can just read the datasheet for that chip. However, for Sparkfun custom-programmed product like Qwiic OpenLog, proper documentation is important for usability.
For example, as of today, Sparkfun only provides Arduino library source code for Qwiic OpenLog. That means if I need to use it with another embedded controller family (Raspberry Pi, TI Launchpad, etc), I would have to reverse engineer from the source code rather than writing to its I2C communication specification. The same trouble also goes with testing and evaluation with BusPirate.

I like the easy-to-connect feature of Qwiic products. However, the lack of proper documentation deters me from buying into this product family.
I hope you can ask your engineers to spend extra hours to properly document the I2C interface. That would give greater usability and longevity to the product line.

Thank you.