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By shiftr
I tried to update the firmware on my Tsunami.
I just have it new.
It works with a stereo audio file.
But i need the synced version so i want to put the mono firmware on it.
But every time i try that i get the 2 short one long blink. That means Hex file error.
I've tried different firmware versions and 2 different SD cards.

Any tips anyone?
By shiftr
FIxed it!

I've missed the 'x'!

I was changing the firmware name to tsunami.hex

Only later i read better and noticed i've been missing the X all the time. So with tsunamix.hex it works fine!

great device! thanks.

Anybody have a tip how to hook it up to a PIR sensor?
I've used a PIR motion sensor with the WAV Trigger board controlled by a Mega (Uno would work too). One of the things I ran into was an annoying re-trigger behavior of the PIR sensor. As a result I ended up using a version of this code ( which forces a delay before asserting a new trigger from the PIR due to motion. Basically I borrowed this code and turn it into a function that is polled. The function returns 1 if motion and 0 if not. The caller then instructs the WAV Trigger to play an appropriate sound via the serial interface. You should be able to cobble together from readily available examples.
By joyfultalk
I have recently purchased a tsunami and I'm having difficulty adding the mono firmware. After following the steps to add the firmware the status led blinks quickly once every couple of seconds. I'm assuming, based on the manual, that it is telling me there is a flash write error. Just wondering if anybody can give me any tips in solving this problem. I am using a sandisk 16g edge hc-1 micro sd which, from what I've read it should work. I have used audacity to create the mono wav(36_colmb.wav to be played by midi note 36) and have changed the firmware file to tsunamix.hex
By robertsonics
A short flash every 3 seconds is the normal "heartbeat" that indicates the firmware is running, so your Tsunami appears to be working properly.

When you successfully flash a new version of firmware, the LED should go solid at the end of the procedure, and stay that way until you either reset or cycle the power. It should then restart with the new firmware and do the "flash every 3 seconds" to let you know it's running.
By joyfultalk
Does the status LED stay the same (a short flash every 3 seconds) when it is receiving midi? So far I still haven't been able to get it working. I have flashed it with the mono update and named it tsunamix.hex. I have placed the .ini file and the .wav in the root directory.
036_S1 colm.wav (note 36, one shot, on output 1). I'm not sure what I'm missing. Although if the status LED is supposed to react to incoming midi messages then I am definitely having midi receive issues.
By robertsonics
The LED turns on whenever audio is playing, regardless of how the audio is started. It does not indicate MIDI activity per se. When audio is not playing, the LED does the 3-second-flash heartbeat.

If you haven't done so already, I suggest going step-by-step through the Hookup Guide, making sure that the basic stuff is working. Confirm that your file is the correct format (44.1kHz, 16-bit, mono - if you're using the mono firmware) by making sure you can play it using a simple trigger input.