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Hi everyone,
Yesterday I discovered this WAV Trigger board and I fell in love with it, but I need some infos!

I want to use it as an MPC or StandAlone sample player to jam and to make some hip hop beats (sketched up a design on solidworks ).
The thing that makes me think is that the board itself has 16 inputs, meaning that if I want a button or anything to trigger the "change bank" command I'll have to sacrifice 2 inputs in order scroll up and down into the folders (as shown in the sketch I made).
I saw that the board can get inputs from the digital outputs of board such as Arduino (I have a UNO and a NANO laying around in my bedroom) and I thought that this way I can have all the 16 triggers for the arcade buttons.
I'm a complete noob in programming Arduino, so I can't modify existing codes...

Can someone help me? Is it possible to do this?